IF you have bought or are considering buying a property from the Leptos Estates Group and have problems or concerns regarding your purchase, the Leptos Buyers Action Group (LBAG) wishes to hear from you.
 We are a pressure group dedicated to creating awareness of the problems buyers may face as a result of buying property in Cyprus from this company.

Our main aims 

  • To explain to existing and prospective clients the potential risks of buying from Leptos Group, including the failure of the company to live up to its published promises.
  • In view of the above to maintain pressure on the company into meeting the buyers’ reasonable and documented demands as previously communicated to the company by LBAG.

Leptos clients registering their support on this website will help us to promote change in the company’s policy towards its clients which in turn will enable greater protection of our property purchases and the cessation of unacceptable practices by this developer.

So please join us via the Register with Us section.

In addition, other individuals who simply agree with what we are doing are most welcome to register as supporters via the Support Us section.

Important: Have you been offered your Title Deeds yet? – If not, you can find important facts about developer mortgages and other important information on your development by obtaining a Land Registry Survey.